Stock Exchange listings: Extremely fast growing international marketplace only 4 weeks...

  • Private equity

    Private equity for private companies requires massive access to capital as well as a deep understanding of the mechanics surrounding private equity financing. Its strength lies in its ability to assist companies in raising private equity. Our sweet…

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  • Equity capital

    Common Stock Offerings
    Public company corporate finance is where our real expertise lies. Our law firm prepares BaFin prospectuses and walks them through the BaFin approval process for public offerings. We have close…

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  • Debit capital

    Corporate bond offering
    A Frankfurt Stock Exchange or London Stock Exchange corporate bond offering allows your company to raise money without dilution to any of the shareholders. On 26 January 2012, the 10th corporate…

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VINTRY PLC, and our team and strategic parners are extremely experienced and capable of helping quality companies to achieve their capital raising goals in the capital markets. We specialize in London Stock Exchange Main Market and AiM Markets, NYSE Euronext’s Free Market, Frankfurt Stock Exchange and GXG Markets. We have clients from all over the world including the US, UK, Eastern Block countries, China, Canada, Australia, and S. Africa, to name just a few. 

VINTRY PLC, its lawyers, strategic partners and the rest of its team collectively have many decades of international investment banking experience and vast financing and other connections, including fund managers, underwriters, banks and broker-dealers throughout Europe. Our group is comprised of experienced securities and banking lawyers, fund managers, international investment bankers, investor relations’ experts and financial services firms.