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About us

VINTRY PLCWELCOME to the website of VINTRY PLC. VINTRY PLC is in the heart of Europe’s financial hub. VINTRY PLC and the rest of their strategic partners are extremely experienced and capable of helping quality companies to achieve their capital raising and other goals on in the European capital markets including but not limited to the London Stock Exchange Main Market, NYSE Euronext’s Free Market, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and GXG Markets. Our lawyers ensures the entire IPO structuring and process is handled correctly. We specialize common stock public offerings (IPOs) as well as pre-IPO capital raises in conjunction with a subsequent stock exchange listing. We have served clients from all over the world. For our Chinese clients, we understand the Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (“WFOE”) structure, and can even assist with its setup if needed. Our group has decades of international investment banking experience and vast financing and other connections, including fund managers, underwriters, market makers, banks and broker-dealers throughout Europe. We are experienced securities and banking lawyers, international investment bankers and financial services firms rolled into one successful group.


VINTRY PLC and our lawyers and financiers together provide a completely turn-key solution for companies seeking to raise capital via the capital markets. Our experienced legal team conducts common stock and/or bond offerings from beginning to end, for the purpose of raising capital. We can provide everything needed for your company’s capital raise, IPO and post-IPO success, including but not limited to the EU prospectus, pre-IPO documents, legal work, capital raise assistance, bond ratings, compliance legal advice from our EU licensed securities attorney for a year and promotion to investors, financial institutions and more.


Our goal is to form a mutually beneficial partnership where our interests are perfectly aligned with those of your company. In VINTRY PLC’s formula, it is crucial that our success hinges on your success. In this way, we all succeed together. We know that your goal is to raise capital and this is where our strength lies.


With VINTRY PLC and our lawyers, you immediately gain highly experienced long-term partners. We are by your side before, during and after your stock exchange listing and IPO. In fact, VINTRY PLC and our legal team remain by your side well after the commencement of your public offering.


VINTRY PLC, FSE Law and the rest of our team and strategic partners are experienced securities and banking lawyers, international investment bankers and stock exchange experts and financiers. We are quite capable of helping quality companies achieve success in the capital markets. All of our stock exchange listings/public offerings prospectuses are handled by our EU securities law firm to insure your public offering will be structured correctly, from the onset, including but not limited to matters of crucial tax structuring and other important considerations which are often overlooked. Moreover, we know how to avoid the many common listing pitfalls that can be devastating to a newly public company. All in all, our group has decades of hands on international investment banking experience and has aligned itself with the best and brightest in the IPO business including fund managers, underwriters, family offices, banks and broker-dealers throughout Europe, giving you all the connections you need for success in the capital markets.


The vast experience of VINTRY PLC, our lawyers and its other strategic partners make a winning combination with your business know-how to create the perfect formula for success.