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Corporate bond offering

A Frankfurt Stock Exchange or London Stock Exchange corporate bond offering allows your company to raise money without dilution to any of the shareholders. On 26 January 2012, the 10th corporate bond was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange’s Entry Standard segment (the Entry Standard segment only began allowing bond listings in March 2011). The Entry Standard segment has proven to be very well suited for the issuance of corporate bonds for small and medium-sized companies. A corporate bond is not only listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, but is also accompanied by an approved prospectus, which allows for advertising and promotion to the general public. Since only March 2011, companies with Entry Standard listed bonds have received a total of approximately €390 million through corporate bond financing. The capital raised via these ten recent Entry Standard bond listings was between €15 and €70 million. This proves that even attractive smaller companies with smaller financing requirements are successfully placing their corporate bonds on the Entry Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

VINTRY PLC and its law firm will take care of everything needed for the bond listing, including the bond rating and promotion to institutional investors. Please contact us to discuss listing a bond on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. We look forward to hearing from you.