Stock Exchange listings: Extremely fast growing international marketplace only 4 weeks...

Stock exchange prospectuses


Once accepted by VINTRY PLC’s review committee, we include a prospectus, with our listings so that your company can conduct a common stock initial public offering (IPO). We structure an IPO on the relevant stock exchange, prepare the prospectus and our law firm handles the prospectus approval process. We can also passport the prospectus throughout the EU. 

Bond listing and public offering

We also prepare bond listing prospectuses for public bond offerings. A bond that is listed and approved allows your company to raise money without dilution to any of the shareholders. On the Entry Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange or the London Stock Exchange, we can structure and list a corporate bond, so that you can conduct a legitimate public bond offering. Please note that you must have an approved prospectus in order to list a bond and your company must be listed on a stock exchange and segment that can list corporate bonds. Bond offerings can be custom structured to the specifications you desire, and can also be advertised publicly (since the company would have an approved prospectus). For a bond offering, a company should have sufficient revenues and net income.