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About the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Founded over 400 years ago, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the world’s third largest trading exchange, ranking only behind the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ. Located in Frankfurt, Germany, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is home to public companies from more than 80 different countries with companies from North American making up almost 40% of the total companies listed, including more than 3,200 from the United States alone. More and more companies from North America, Asia, Australia, and of course, the UK are choosing the Frankfurt Stock Exchange over their home country’s stock exchange.

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange accounts for over 90% of the turnover of all German stock exchanges and a very large share of the European market. More than 14 international exchanges have adopted Xetra. Almost half of the 300 market participants in Frankfurt come from abroad. As of November, 2010, companies from more than 80 countries list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with 49% from North and South America. 31% from Europe and Russia, 14% from Asia and 6% from Australia and Africa.

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange has more than 250 international trading institutions and more than 4,500 traders. Investors directly connected to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange represent 35% of the world’s investment capital.