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Frankfurt Bond listings

Frankfurt Stock Exchange Bonds

On 26 January 2012, the 10th corporate bond was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange’s Entry Standard segment. This 10th bond for a raise of up to €50 million is good until 30 June 2016 and carries a 6.6% interest rate. The minimum denomination for the 10th bond is €1,000 (EUR). The Entry Standard segment only began allowing bond listings in March 2011. Prior to that, corporate bonds could only be listed on the General or Prime standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. This move is significant because for the first time, small to medium size companies can issue, list and place corporate bonds. The Entry Standard segment has proven to be particularly well suited for the issuance of corporate bonds for small and medium-sized companies. This type of corporate bond is not only listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, but is also accompanied by an approved prospectus, which means that the bond issuance approved for public offering, making advertising and promotion to the general public possible. Since March 2011, companies with Entry Standard listed bonds have received a total of approximately €390 million through corporate bond financing. The average volume of the 10 bond listings was between €15 and €70 million. This is an tremendous indication that even smaller companies with smaller financing requirements are successfully listing and placing their corporate bonds on the Entry Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. According to the company’s own information, Peach Property Group is one of the leading developers of top-quality residential property in the German-speaking part of Europe. Currently, the company’s most important activity is providing management and other services to Peach Property Group’s project companies and third parties, particularly technical and commercial human resources management and project development.