Stock Exchange listings: Extremely fast growing international marketplace only 4 weeks...

Features of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

  • The Frankfurt Stock Exchange receives massive exposure to investor capital with more than 250 international trading institutions and more than 4,500 traders worldwide. Investors directly connected to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange represent a full 35% of the world’s investment capital.
  • All shares are free trading. There are no restricted shares, even for officers and insiders.
  • For an entry level stock exchange, the Entry Standard is an extremely well respected stock exchange, but is also more selective than some others. 
  • The Frankfurt Stock Exchange Entry Standard is an unregulated market, which means it is regulated by the exchange itself.
  • The Entry Standards segment requires a 10% public float. 
  • The General and Prime Standard segments require a 25% public float.
  • No Sarbanes-Oxley requirements on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
  • Corporate bond listings/offerings are possible on all segments of the exchange (the Entry Standard, General Standard and Prime Standard segments).
  • The Frankfurt has more liquidity/trading volume than the all exchanges in the world except the NYSE and NASDAQ.
  • An IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is amongst the fastest in the world.
  • Much less ongoing costs than the OTCBB, TSX Venture, Hong Kong, BSE or ASX.
  • Public offerings can be conducted with or without an underwriter with an approved prospectus.
  • The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is one of the most internationally accepted exchange in the world. Trades executed by international investors on Xetra have increased continuously in recent years and, as of the end of 2010, more than 65% of the total trades were from countries outside Germany, with more than 22% from US investors and more than 24% of from UK investors.
  • The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is one of the most highly respected listing exchange in the world for international listings. – Companies from more than 80 countries are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange…more than 40% are from North America, 31% from Europe (including Russia), 14% from Asia and 6% from Australia and Africa.
  • Germany is home to the largest capital market conference in Europe, with over 5,500 participants and more than 100 exhibitors every year.
  • The sophisticated Xetra electronic trading platform was designed for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and is available for electronic trading for all Frankfurt listed companies.with a presence in 14 European countries plus the United States.