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Frankfurt Stock Exchange Prime Standard listing requirements

Please note that these listing rules are only a summary and it is important to understand that there are other ‘unwritten’ listing rules and requirements as well which are not published by the London Stock Exchange. As such, the rules and requirements provided herein are a summary of the written London Stock Exchange listing requirements and should only be relied upon in conjunction with a specialized London Stock Exchange Main Market listing partner like GPP and its law firms.

Prime Standard Segment

The following are the general requirements for listing the Issuer on the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange EU Regulated Market (hereinafter “Frankfurt Stock Exchange”) plus XETRA.

• Minimum age of company—3 years (exemptions possible);

• Minimum issuing volume—minimum market capitalization of €1.25 million;

• Minimum 30 shareholders;

• Equity capital minimum of €1.25 million (cash at some time in past or present);

• Free float minimum of 25%;

• Nominal issuing volume minimum of 10,000 shares;

• EU Prospectus (underwritten by company + bank/FWB-member);

• 3 years audited financials—IAS/IFRS (or adequate for Non-EU issuers);

• And other listing documents, forms and requirements.

• Our law firm, FSE Law GmbH (, conducts all of our listings.

Estimated Time to Listing—Approximately 28 to 32 weeks.