Stock Exchange listings: Extremely fast growing international marketplace only 4 weeks...

About GXG Markets

GXG Markets

GXG Markets’ Highlights:

  • Extremely fast growing international marketplace
  • only 4 weeks to take your company public on the First Quote (OTC) or Main Quote (MTF)
  • No audit or prospectus required for GXG Markets First Quote

VINTRY PLC is an official GXG Advisor  and is also one of the very few advisors designated also as a GXG “Sponsor” which is required for companies seeking to conduct an IPO on the GXG Official List (GXG Regulated Market).

GXG Markets is ideally suited for quality small to midsize companies that wish to gain a fast listing, and who may not qualify for larger stock exchanges. A listing is extremely affordable and very fast and the GXG Markets’ listing and subsequent ongoing reporting requirements are minimal which means the cost to enter the public markets is significantly reduced.

GXG Markets was created to provide SMEs with easier access to a quality public market environment, utilizing proven (operational since 2000) and robust proprietary trading systems, Tellus, the electronic trading platform owned and operated by GXG Global Exchange Group. GXG Markets offers the ability to take your company public, allowing your SME the ability to trade its shares directly, in real-time matched transactions, without the need for prices set by market makers. This provides the market with quality transparency, faster transaction reporting and, most importantly, eliminates the share price spread between the normal bid and offer, the price at which a buyer buys and seller sells, respectively. Investors have the ability to buy or sell shares of companies listed on GXG Markets through regulated brokerages with direct market access to Telus. GXG Markets provides all its registered brokerages with access to the Telus order book for each of the markets we operate, resulting in increased transparency, and enabling better and more informed trading decisions. A full list of broker members is available to the public on the GXG Markets website. Offers to buy and sell shares can be transacted immediately by registered brokers through the Telus. Trades are cleared and settled through the United Kingdom’s Crest system. 

GXG Markets is made up of three market segments as follows:

  1. GXG Markets First Quote (OTC)
  2. GXG Markets Main Quote (MTF)
  3. GXG Markets Official List (EU Regulated Market)

GXG Markets First Quote (fka GXG Markets OTC) and GXG Markets Main Quote (fka GXG Markets MTF) are unregulated markets while the GXG Official List (or GXG regulated Market) is an EU regulated market. GXG Markets Main Quote is more advanced than GXG Markets First Quote and, as such, is more attractive to investors. The GXG Official List provides the highest level of transparency. GXG Markets listings are very fast.

VINTRY PLC finds the GXG Markets Main Quote segment to be ideally suited for smaller startup or early stage companies, or just for companies that want fast access to the capital markets. GXG Markets First Quote does not require audited financial statements, while GXG Markets Main Quote does require audited financial statements, although VINTRY PLC recommends that companies serious about going public should be audited. 

VINTRY PLC recommends the GXG Official List (EU Regulated Market) for companies that are serious about their public markets listing. An IPO on the GXG Official list (regulated market) segment is still faster and less burdensome than any other stock exchange. A listing on the GXG Official list allows a company to dual list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

When you go public with VINTRY PLC, you are represented to approximately 50 financial institutions currently associated with GXG Markets, as well as to our institutional database. It is highly advantageous to be represented by the VINTRY PLC name when approaching funders for funding.

VINTRY PLC is an official listing Advisor and Sponsor for GXG Markets. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about listing your company on GXG Markets. We welcome your questions.