Stock Exchange listings: Extremely fast growing international marketplace only 4 weeks...

GXG Markets First Quote (formerly GXG Markets OTC)

GXG Markets OTC

GXG Markets First Quote, the “New OTC Market”

GXG Markets First Quote is designed for smaller or start-up companies, and provides the opportunity for quality companies to have their shares traded on a public marketplace with a stock price for their shares and a market capitalization (stock price x total outstanding shares in existence). Public listings on GXG Markets First Quote are extremely fast, allowing companies to achieve a listing in only about 4 weeks time. Information and share purchases for companies listed on the OTC is restricted to professional or sophisticated investors and existing shareholders without a prospectus. This limited circulation allows companies to conduct further fundraisings through a private placing of shares, without the need to produce a public offer document or prospectus. With a listing on GXG Markets First Quote and an approved prospectus, companies can offer their shares for sale to the general public in a public offering.

GXG Markets First Quote listing requirements:

Please note that the rest of this document includes only the general issuer qualification requirements, not the technical requirements, which are considered proprietary property of our firm. This document is only a guideline and listing requirements are subject to change without notice.

The following are the general requirements for listing the Issuer on GXG Markets First Quote, hereinafter:

  • Minimum age of company—N/A
  • Minimum 30 shareholders
  • Audited financials not required
  • Approved Prospectus not required
  • Other listing documents, applications, forms and requirements.
  • Shares traded through select registered brokers
  • GXG has its own Tellus trading platform used (linked to brokers)
  • Our law firm, FSE Law GmbH (, conducts all of our listings and prospectuses, if applicable.

Companies that wish to list on GXG Markets First Quote through VINTRY PLC should also:

  • have good 5-year revenue and net profit growth prospects;
  • have a presentable website, business plan and other corporate documents which present the company in the most favorable light possible.
  • be a real operating company.
  • always put its best foot forward, not only for the exchange, but also for potential investors.

Time to listing: About 4 weeks.