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GXG Markets Official List (formerly GXG Regulated Market)

GXG Regulated Market

GXG Markets Official List (EU Regulated Market)

GXG Markets Official List (fka GXG Regulated Market) is an EU regulated market, which means it has a higher standard of both listing and ongoing reporting rules and requirements. In addition to the prospectus requirement, companies must produce audited financials in compliance with IFRS reporting standards on an ongoing basis. To conduct a listing/IPO on the GXG Markets Official List, companies must engage a designated GXG Sponsor.

A listing on GXG Markets Official List allows the company to dual list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

VINTRY PLC is an official GXG Advisor and is also one of the very few that is also an official designated GXG Sponsor which is required for companies seeking to conduct an IPO on the GXG Markets Official List.

Companies seeking to enter the GXG Markets Official List must prepare a prospectus and gain approval from the securities regulators and must provide audited financials under IFRS. The prospectus will be reviewed by the Danish FSA who are responsible for the final decision on the approval of the prospectus and subsequent admittance on the GXG Markets Official List. Admission to the GXG Markets Official List gives companies the opportunity to benefit from investment by both non-qualfied private investors as well as institutions who run self-administered pension funds or ISAs, where rules often preclude investment outside regulated markets. Trading on all GXG markets is handled through Tellus, the proprietary trading platform owned and operated by GXG Markets.