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GXG Markets shells for sale

GXG Markets shells for sale right now at very reduced prices for the right company:

     * Our GXG shells includes all merger costs, name change, share capital increases, escrow fees, etc. by our law firm
     * Includes a public offering prospectus for a public offering up to 5,000,000
     * Includes full reps and warranties and a legal opinion on the shell’s fitness
     * Brand new shell built by our law firm, FSE Law
     * Audited financials are required for merger/listing
     * We only have a few shells, so if you’re interested, act fast.

Demand is high for GXG shells so we have a very limited number of GXG shells for sale, available at this time. Company wishing to purchase a GXG shell from us must be accepted by the Seller. Total purchase price required in escrow. Audited financials are required by the company being merged into the shell.

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