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About the London Stock Exchange

Established in 1698, the London Stock Exchange Main Market has long been home to some of the UK’s, and indeed the world’s, largest and best-known companies. There are over 1,400 companies on the Main Market with a combined market capitalization of £3.7 trillion. Companies of all sizes, types and nationalities together represent approximately 40 different sectors. As well as sectoral and geographical diversity, the Main Market accommodates the admission to trading of companies with a Premium Listing or a Standard Listing.
More than 85% of the capital raised on the London Stock Exchange are done so on its Main Market rather than the smaller AiM or PLUS. In the past, listings on the London Stock Exchange Main Market has been reserved solely for larger, more established companies and the listing rules/requirements were quite strict. Recently, the London Stock Exchange was divided into two segments, the “Premium” and the “Standard”. This change is extremely import to companies considering a listing in London because now, not only can less established companies list on the London Stock Exchange main board, but they can do so at about half the cost and in less time than the AIM market. Companies can now list on the highly respected London Stock Exchange’s main board easier, faster and more affordably than ever before. And not only are the listing costs much less than the AIM, the total ongoing costs are less as well. As such, a London Stock Exchange listing on the Main Market is much more attractive to companies of all shapes and sizes than the AIM or PLUS. Whatever your company’s size or sector, we can put you at the heart of one of the world’s most sophisticated financial communities, the London Stock Exchange Main Market.